Whelan Enterprises CEO, Anthony Whelan has introduced a new workplace wellbeing program, which will work to help and support everyone involved in his charties and group of companies. Speaking about the program Anthony said: "I know everyone is having a tough time right now after Covid, and the current cost of living crisis. The most important thing in any situation is that we smile, and we continue to look after each other, and our mental health. I don't want our team headshots to look like we are taking a passport photo, I want them to show the real us. I have also asked my team and clients for suggestions on how we can create a more fun workplace environnent for everyone involved".   


    Wednesday, 18th of August 2021. Shadowhawk Entertainment has announced that it has launched Shadowhawk Academy, which will officially start operating from Wednesday, 1st of September 2021. 

    The new division of the company will replace STAR Scouting as the main program for talent scouting and development and will also oversee talent workshops and the project team training program for Shadowhawk Entertainment. 

    Lisa Multaney, Chief Communications Officer for Shadowhawk Entertainment said: "We are very excited to announce the launch of Shadowhawk Academy as we return to business following a hard hitting year for the entertainment industry. We are confident that all those of whom become involved with the programs that Shadowhawk Academy will offer will see the benefits". 


    Shadowhawk Academy operates as part of Shadowhawk Management, which is a divison of Shadowhawk Entertainment. Shadowhawk Academy operates a number of programs including; Project Management, learning and development program, Star Search, scouting and development program and Talent Workshops, acting and showreel program and music and recording program. 

    Shadowhawk Academy will operate a Connect with Scouts as its connect to talent program. 




    Thursday, 18th of March 2021. Group Management, which owns Shadowhawk Entertainment and is the principle owner of Jayan Management, has appointed Lisa Multaney as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. 

    Lisa will report to Group Management CEO, Jason Murray and Whelan Enterprises CEO, Anthony Whelan. In her new role, Lisa will be responisble for appointing and leading a new management team that will oversee the recovery of the group businesses through Covid-19 and with the growth of new business opportunites. 

    Lisa's previous position as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Shadowhawk Entertainment and Jayan Management will not be replaced and will be merged with her new role at Group Management. Looking ahead, Lisa will appoint a Chief of Staff and Chief Operations Officer for Shadowhawk Entertainment and a Chief Operations Officer and Chief Procurement Officer for Jayan Management. These teams will manage the day to day operations of both companies and report to Lisa Multaney, Jason Murray and Anthony Whelan. 

    Anthony Whelan, Whelan Enterprises' CEO, said: "Lisa has been instrumental in growning our group in the past, including the transition of Shadowhawk Films to Shadowhawk Entertainment and the launch of Doe and Deer Leisure in 2018. While we still have a long road ahead to recovery, I am very confident in Lisa's new appointment and look forward to continuing to work with her".